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Gallopin leads Lotto Soudal in Lombardy 29.09.2016 @ 11:15Lotto Soudal: Today is a day for Monfort and De Clercq 03.09.2016 @ 12:38Lotto captain considers withdrawal after bad Vuelta crash 26.08.2016 @ 15:40De Clercq and Monfort target GC at the Vuelta 18.08.2016 @ 16:38Lotto Soudal outline their Vuelta goals 16.08.2016 @ 17:35Geniez and Oomen share the spoils on final day in Ain 13.08.2016 @ 16:20Oomen takes breakthrough win in Ain mountains 12.08.2016 @ 16:48Lotto Soudal with versatile team for the Vuelta 11.08.2016 @ 11:08Lotto Soudal with four GC options in Tour de l'Ain 08.08.2016 @ 21:52De Clercq and Wellens lead Lotto Soudal in Poland 10.07.2016 @ 14:59Lotto Soudal target stage wins at the Dauphiné 03.06.2016 @ 14:48Lotto Soudal with four leaders in Romandie 25.04.2016 @ 15:42In-form Wellens leads Lotto Soudal in Liege 23.04.2016 @ 00:32Lotto Soudal with three leaders at Fleche Wallonne 19.04.2016 @ 14:14Lotto Soudal with Boeckmans, De Clercq and Valls in Cat... 18.03.2016 @ 23:17Valls and Monfort lead Lotto Soudal in Tirreno-Adriatico 07.03.2016 @ 13:28Benoot spearheads Lotto Soudal in Strade Bianche 03.03.2016 @ 13:15Reactions from the final stage of the Vuelta a Andalucia 21.02.2016 @ 22:23Wellens and De Clercq lead Lotto Soudal in Andalusia 12.02.2016 @ 22:19Lotto Soudal stars ready for busy week in Spain and Por... 11.02.2016 @ 21:51Greipel leads Lotto Soudal in Mallorca 26.01.2016 @ 14:38Lotto Soudal stars to start their season in Europe 19.01.2016 @ 18:53How do the Lotto Soudal riders spend their holidays? 15.11.2015 @ 06:30Lotto Soudal with Wellens, Gallopin and Benoot in Lombardy 02.10.2015 @ 11:56Lotto Soudal target top 10 in Worlds TTT 18.09.2015 @ 16:15De Clercq: I can aim for the top 10 in grand tours 14.09.2015 @ 00:04Lotto Soudal: We want to ride aggressively 10.09.2015 @ 15:26Excellent time trial by De Clercq in the Vuelta 10.09.2015 @ 00:54De Clercq hopes to move up in final Vuelta week 08.09.2015 @ 22:44De Gendt abandons, De Clercq feeling better 06.09.2015 @ 00:13Back pain sets De Clercq back in Vuelta queen stage 03.09.2015 @ 15:36Lotto Soudal outline goals for Vuelta queen stage 02.09.2015 @ 13:41Monfort skips GC ambitions 29.08.2015 @ 14:20De Clercq: I have been looking forward to the long climbs 28.08.2015 @ 14:23Lotto-Soudal: This climb was too explosive for our capt... 27.08.2015 @ 19:15De Clercq caught in huge crash in the Vuelta 23.08.2015 @ 20:36De Clercq and Monfort ready to lead Lotto Soudal in the... 21.08.2015 @ 09:45No GC ambitions for Van den Broeck in the Vuelta 17.08.2015 @ 14:27Van den Broeck, Monfort, De Clercq lead Lotto Soudal in... 13.08.2015 @ 14:01De Clercq after near-miss: I am not complaining 08.08.2015 @ 22:04Bialoblocki and Izagirre share the spoils in Poland 08.08.2015 @ 20:12De Clercq: It won't be easy to defend the lead 06.08.2015 @ 23:25De Clercq denies the favourites in Polish mountains 06.08.2015 @ 19:28Lotto Soudal with three GC riders in Poland 01.08.2015 @ 16:50No Gallopin in San Sebastian, Van den Broeck leads in P... 29.07.2015 @ 17:38De Clercq on the attack in the Alps 15.06.2015 @ 03:55Lotto Soudal target stage wins in the Dauphiné 05.06.2015 @ 17:45Lotto Soudal with two leaders in Romandie 25.04.2015 @ 18:08Lotto Soudal with three leaders in Liege-Bastogne-Liege 24.04.2015 @ 21:31No Gallopin as Vanendert leads Lotto Soudal on the Mur 21.04.2015 @ 16:40Lotto Soudal: Vanendert, Gallopin, Wellens are ready fo... 11.04.2015 @ 20:46Lotto-Soudal with several GC riders in Pais Vasco 03.04.2015 @ 16:02Lotto Soudal regret lost opportunity for De Clercq 31.03.2015 @ 18:06De Clercq: I never expected to be in this position 26.03.2015 @ 20:53Van Garderen bounces back with queen stage win in Catal... 26.03.2015 @ 16:58De Clercq: It is too early to start to dream 24.03.2015 @ 00:55Paterski takes breakthrough win in strange Catalunya op... 23.03.2015 @ 17:26Van Den Broeck leads Lotto Soudal in Catalonia 20.03.2015 @ 07:00Lotto Soudal with a host of climbers in Andalusia 16.02.2015 @ 17:08Greipel, Wellens, Vanendert lead Lotto Soudal in Mallorca 28.01.2015 @ 06:00Lotto to target stage wins with Van Den Broeck and GC w... 20.08.2014 @ 18:17Monfort, Armee and De Clercq lead Lotto in Poland 02.08.2014 @ 15:07Greipel and Van Den Broeck lead strong Lotto Tour team 24.06.2014 @ 11:35Van Den Broeck ready for Tour exam in the Dauphiné 07.06.2014 @ 09:21Monfort gets ready for the Giro in Romandie 28.04.2014 @ 16:46Serene Vanendert leads Lotto Belisol in Liege 26.04.2014 @ 12:00Vanendert with knee pain ahead of Fleche Wallonne 22.04.2014 @ 18:46Vanendert, Gallopin and Van Den Broeck lead Lotto in Am... 18.04.2014 @ 23:50Van Den Broeck continues form rebuilding in Pais Vasco 04.04.2014 @ 12:11Van Den Broeck returns to action in Catalonia 21.03.2014 @ 14:20Van Den Broeck ready to test his condition after bad in... 12.03.2014 @ 12:10Lotto Belisol disappointed with Andalusia showing 24.02.2014 @ 13:03Lotto Belisol focused on the GC in Andalusia 18.02.2014 @ 13:29Gallopin and Monfort lead Lotto Belisol in first Europe... 31.01.2014 @ 15:13Henderson and De Clercq injured 06.12.2013 @ 08:36Lotto-Belisol with three-pronged strategy for Il Lombardia 05.10.2013 @ 08:35Lotto-Belisol aims for top 10 at the World’s TTT 19.09.2013 @ 17:08Aerts: We had hoped for top 10 15.09.2013 @ 18:16De Clercq abandons Vuelta after crash 02.09.2013 @ 19:45Vanendert spearheads Lotto-Belisol at the Vuelta 16.08.2013 @ 12:20Only one of the Lotto captains in Vuelta pre-selection 08.08.2013 @ 10:38Bart de Clercq looks forward to Tour debut 27.06.2013 @ 21:28De Clercq disappointed after Paris-Nice 11.03.2013 @ 07:57De Clercq: I simply wasn't good enough 09.03.2013 @ 09:18

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